Introducing Tagsu the programmable, wearable #wondertag!

Tagsu is a new programmable, wearable message tag that makes it easier to start a conversation and do so an innovative, creative way. It does not take itself too seriously yet generates some serious interest - Tagsu brings people together and gives everyone a unique, personalized way to communicate.

Tagsu is a niche, one-of-a-kind, digital message tag that you can wear simply for fun, to parties, to sports events, to networking events, and to anywhere you want to stand out in a crowd.

When meeting new people at events, it can be awkward. Wear a Tagsu and meet people like never before. Get noticed. Intrigue people. Be remembered!

Using Tagsu

Once you connect Tagsu and your device with the in-box audio cable, you can open the editor on the Tagsu.io website. Using the site, you can enter text and icons for anything you would like your Tagsu to display - your name, number, social media handles, ridiculous quotes, crazy jokes (anything!) - it’s a 16x2 message tag with 42 screens!

Tagsu specs

Weight 3.53 oz /100g, including battery User data memory 42 full screens (32 characters), 10 user-definable logos (15x16 pixels)
Dimensions 86 x 74 x 15 mm User interface Single pushbutton to change settings
Audio connector 3.5mm jack User data interface Data updated using audio connector
Display 16 * 2 characters, backlit blue LCD with white text User data editor Web application to edit text and logos
Runtime Up to 52 hours for ons battery (runtime varies) Built-in icons 10
Casing 3mm cast and hardened clear acrylic CPU ATtiny85, 8-bit, 512 bytes RAM, 8192 bytes Flash